Those 60's Gals



Those 60's Gals (and Guys)






Picture taken at Dianna's house, May 12, 2010. 




Tenderloin Day, May 13, 2010. 





 Dianna's Hotel, Peru, May 2010.




 Mary makes haluski!









Pam Phalen Vogel's pictures from Tenderloin Day and Dianna's house.


Shelia Higgins, Glenda Gaede, Jo Freese, Dianna Myers on their Caribbean Cruise, January 2011.

California Trip to Visit Mary Javorsky


Pat Ryan, Mary Javorsky, Sharon Kear, Sheila Higgins

Lunch in Riverside

Get together in Madison

Dianna, Jo, Nan, Glenda, Sheila, and Karen  at the Farmer's Market in Madison, Wisconsin.

September 2013